When it comes to your education, our bar is high.

Everything we accomplish, we pass on to you.

Because of our commitment to putting undergraduate education first, EMU has earned several distinctions.

Did you know:

EMU’s Coordinated Program in Dietetics guarantees supervised practice experience placements within the local area for on-campus students and also has one of only two fully accredited online programs in the country for non-local students.


Reach above and beyond
your potential.

Celebrating the outstanding academic achievements of students, our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium is a one-day program that provides a venue for participating students to share the results of their academic achievements in a professional conference format.
  • The Undergraduate Research Symposium, which began in 1981, is the longest active symposium of its kind in the nation.
  • Hosted by the College of Arts & Sciences, this one-day program recognizes and celebrates the exceptional academic work of EMU undergraduate students.
  • The program typically involves approximately 300 student presenters supported by more than 150 faculty sponsors.

Real world,
real time learning.

With connections to numerous local and
national companies, you’ll gain experience
well beyond the classroom.
  • The University Advising & Career Development Center will help guide you through steps and strategies to secure an internship or co-op.
  • EMU students can intern with local and national companies, government agencies, and many other career-defining organizations.
  • In-field experience, coupled with degree programs, helps students graduate with on-the-job training that’s extremely valuable and attractive to potential employers.

We teach the world
how to teach.

We’re honored to be regarded as one of the nation’s top producers of educational personnel.

EMU’s College of Education is one of the nation’s largest producers of educational personnel including teachers, administrators, and counselors; numerous Michigan educators have an Eastern degree.

Fellowships and Scholarships:

The Honors College offers specific scholarships for students to help them as they pursue their research and Senior Theses. We also offer scholarships to assist students as they pursue study-abroad opportunities.


Join the club, any club. And get connected.

With hundreds of clubs and organizations on campus, academic, athletic and social connections await you.

Complement your academic studies and develop your personal and professional skills through hands-on, life changing experiences like studying abroad, working on campus, volunteering in the community, and joining student organizations.


Find an organization,
and inspiration too.

With more than 340 Student Organizations, you’ll make friends, have fun, learn about particular fields of interest, develop new skills, network with faculty and staff, and be exposed to new ideas and experiences.

Join one of the hundreds of clubs and organizations run entirely by students for students! From club sport teams to academic honor societies, community service groups to leisure and entertainment pursuits, there is something for everyone.


Rush, and forge
lifelong bonds.

The Greek life at EMU: instilling strong personal values, promoting a vibrant community, and making friendships that’ll last a lifetime.
  • EMU’s vibrant social Greek fraternity and sorority community includes 9 fraternities and 9 sororities to choose from, in addition to 8 African-American fraternities and sororities.
  • Our Greek community inspires leadership development, fosters personal growth, and creates lifelong belonging by instilling these values in the minds, hearts, and actions of our members: civic engagement, intellectual development, positive relationships, integration of purpose, and leadership development.
  • From local community engagement to national leadership programs, fraternities and sororities help students find a support system at EMU that provides assistance inside and outside of the classroom.

Keep your game
in high gear.

From baseball to bowling, from roller hockey to rugby, from soccer to softball… EMU offers a range of club, intramural, and recreational sports programs.
  • Eastern Michigan University offers a variety of club sports for students to participate in during their college years.
  • In addition, the Eastern Michigan University Recreation & Intramural Sports Program offers both highly competitive and recreational leagues, tournaments, and meets in mens, womens, and co-recreational sports.

Every event is
for everyone.

Concerts, sports, speakers, artists... Our campus events are alive with inspiration and celebration.
  • EMU After Dark Friday Night Movies, Sky Lounge, Lyric Lounge Poetry Open Mic, Laugh Lounge, Storytellers Lounge
  • Recent Guest Speakers, Concerts, and Artists: Jason Mraz, Jay-Z, Common
  • LeadershipEvents such as LeaderShape, Greek Leaders Conferences, Emerging Leaders
  • Student Organizations and Greek Life Events: Fajita Fest, SOLAR, Greek Symposium
  • Cultural Heritage Month Celebrations
  • Annual Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society
  • Fusion Orientation

As Eagle Nation,
we gather as one.

From fall to spring, from the court to the diamond, from big events to small ones, as Eagles, we gather to cheer our green and white.
  • Your EMU student ID gets you in for free to all home games. Show your EMU pride!

Eagle pride, on the court and beyond.

With a tradition of athletic excellence to maintain, our student athletes continue to raise the bar on the playing field of life.

Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field, Wrestling

Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Gymnastics, Rowing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball

In our halls,
you will benefit from:

Theme-based learning communities that will enrich your educational experience. Choose a community that fits you – Leadership, International, Fitness, Arts, Honors, Sustainability and more.

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In our halls,
you will benefit from:

Living minutes away from your classrooms, recreation facilities, Student Center, Halle Library, and many dining options. You can wake up a few minutes before class and still be on time!

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In our halls,
you will benefit from:

Living options which fit your needs – suite-style, budget-conscious halls, singles, and apartment-style units for upper-class students.

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In our halls,
you will benefit from:

Committed and caring residence hall professional and student staff who assist with building community, residence hall safety, and meeting your individual needs.

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Live here,
and thrive here too.

From dozens of comfortable residence options to theme-based learning communities, we make it easy to find your place here.

Living on campus at EMU offers you a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to make new friends, gain responsibility and independence, and have fun.

Student Center Dining Room:

Wendy’s, Subway, Starbucks, Salsa Grille, The International Kitchen, The Lobby Shop convenience store, and The Bistro with fresh salads, pasta, plus vegetarian and vegan choices.

1 / 6
The Commons:

All you care to eat buffet-style dining focused on fresh foods, and a wide variety of options daily.

2 / 6
Eastern Eateries Food Court:

Daily Breakfast Buffet, E-Street Grill, Freshens, Jump Asian Cuisine, Sunset Strips, The Upper Crust, Wrap It Up, QuickFixx.

3 / 6
CrossRoads MarketPlace:

Einstein Bros. Bagels, RoomService, MarketPlace.

4 / 6
Convenience Stores:

CrossRoads MarketPlace, QuickFixx, Lobby Shop.

5 / 6
Eagle Cafés:

Alexander Music Building, The College of Business, McKenny Hall, Halle Library, Common Ground Cafe at Marshall Hall, Food For Thought at Sill Hall.

6 / 6

Eat, drink, and keep going.

With a focus on fast, fresh, and healthy, you’ll find carefully placed dining options throughout campus.
* EMU charges tuition and general fees at approximately $309 per credit hour. The above example is based on a student taking 24 credit hours per academic year. A minimum of 12 credits per semester, 24 per academic year, is required for full-time status.
Did you know:

Students from Michigan and Ohio pay resident tuition.

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Did you know:

Students from other states may qualify for the National Scholars Program, which pays the difference between resident and non-resident tuition.

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Did you know:

86% of EMU students receive scholarships, grants, and/or loans.

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Accessible excellence.

At EMU, we put education first. And we do so in a way that makes it affordable too.

Living on campus at EMU offers you a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to make new friends, gain responsibility and independence, and have fun.


Rewarding those who want more.

Our scholarship and awards programs reward students who raise their academic bar a little higher.
  • Academic scholarships help thousands of EMU students pay for college.
  • EMU scholarships are customized based on a review of your high school GPA and ACT or SAT test scores.
EMU Education First
Opportunity Scholarship:

Full tuition minus federal, state, and other EMU aid. In order to be considered for this award, admitted students must be Pell Grant eligible and a resident of Michigan or Ohio.

1 / 5

A competitive scholarship for full tuition and full room and board.

2 / 5
Regents Gold:

A competitive scholarship for full tuition.

3 / 5
Emerald Scholarship:

Ranges from $1,500-$4,500 and is based on a combination of High School GPA and ACT/SAT test scores. Admitted students are automatically considered for this award.

4 / 5
National Scholars Program:

Pays the difference between resident and non-resident tuition.

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Reach higher,
and be rewarded.

From Presidential Scholarships to National Scholars Program, we embrace and honor excellence.

Ypsilanti is a culturally diverse community that offers rich tradition and history in addition to local shopping, museums, and annual events that include The Shadow Art Fair, the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, one of the world’s coolest coffee houses, and a Classic Car show.

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Depot Town:

Historical Depot Town is just blocks away from campus, within Ypsilanti, and features quaint shops including “What’s in the Attic,” “BirdBrain,” and “The Rocket,” as well as various eateries and gathering places.

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Ann Arbor, a mere 8 miles from campus, is a friendly town with big city traits. Known for its cultural offerings, “A-squared” offers an abundance of art exhibits, performances, independent bookstores, dozens of distinctive galleries, and a vibrant downtown that’s laden with shops and restaurants.

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Detroit Area:

Southeastern Michigan boasts a bustling business community, the city of Detroit, professional sports teams, the DIA (an internationally recognized art museum), an international airport, and countless regional attractions.

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Ypsilanti is a culturally diverse community that offers rich tradition and history in addition to local shopping, museums, and annual events that include The Shadow Art Fair, the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, one of the world’s coolest coffee houses, and a Classic Car show.

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A good vibe,
on and off campus.

With two “college towns” (Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor) within minutes of one another, there’s plenty of vibe and vibrancy to go around.

Explore Eastern.

Click around and see what you'll find on campus.