At EMU, we have great stories to tell. Stories about our campus, our curriculum, our community, and our culture. And they're best told by those who've lived the EMU experience, and those who believe in and love this place for all that it's given them. Stories of learning, discovery, friendship, preparation, and ultimately success. Here, our primary goal is to give you the education, the insight, and the skills you need to create your own life story, with your voice. Come, find your voice, and write your own story.
Your career will take you well beyond the classroom, so your learning should too. The co-op and internship program at EMU is designed to coincide with our curriculum. At the University Advising & Career Development Center, we’ll help guide you through steps and strategies to secure the experience you need, before you leave campus. As a student, you can intern with local and national companies, government agencies, and many other career-defining organizations. This in-field experience, coupled with degree programs – often times alongside faculty – helps students graduate with on-the-job training that’s extremely valuable, making EMU grads amazingly attractive to potential employers.

Hello from Kosovo.
From here, you can go anywhere. And Trevis Harrold got to go someplace that few students have gone before. With encouragement and preparation from faculty and staff, this political science major secured a prestigious U.S. Department of State internship at the U.S. Embassy in Pristina, Kosovo. “My student internship in Kosovo was the opportunity of a lifetime. Reading about foreign affairs is one thing; getting hands-on experience is another,” says Harrold. His duties at the embassy included giving presentations to area youth about economic development, working with representatives of the U.S. Dept. of State’s Foreign and Civil Services, and drafting communications to Washington D.C.. While living in a gated community secured by the U.S. Marine Corps, the Saginaw native also traveled to Germany, Albania, and Macedonia. “No matter where I went, I was always mindful that I represented not only America, but Eastern Michigan University. I’m grateful to EMU for equipping me to serve overseas,” says the Honors College student, adding that faculty and staff helped him find scholarships and grants that made his trip possible. “We have some of the best faculty in the country.”
Trevis Harrold ‘15
We reward those who want to reward themselves. For those who push the academic bar, there are rewards. EMU awards millions of dollars in academic scholarships each year. Each scholarship is customized – based on a review of your high school GPA, ACT, or SAT test scores, the rigor of your high school curriculum, and ranges from $2,500 to $6,500. Qualified students are automatically considered for these awards at the time of admission. Incoming freshmen are also invited to compete for various awards, which can be as rewarding as full tuition and full room and board. For those who seek the highest of bars, the Honors College at EMU offers students the opportunity to work closely with faculty members on innovative research projects, and with fellow Honors students in immersive, small group settings. The Honors College also offers specific scholarships for students as they pursue their research, senior theses, and study-abroad opportunities.

Tapping into his inner go-getter.
Brandon Britt ‘15, is determined to set his own bar. While on campus, he managed to balance academic success while being named President of the Black Student Union, Director of External Communication for the Residence Hall Association, a Resident Advisor, a New Student Orientation Assistant, and holding down a job at the Institutional Research office as a data assistant. His academic accomplishments are many: Brandon is a recipient of the EMU Gold Medallion for Student Leadership, a member of the Honors College, and a McNair Scholar. All of this was made possible because of his 2011 Gates Millennium Scholarship. “It completely funds my education,” says Britt. “I wouldn’t be here without it.”
Education First. It’s not just our tagline, it’s our culture. At EMU, our daily goal is to continue our proud educational legacy and pass it on to every student. This year, our freshman class has an ACT composite score of 22.25, with an average high school GPA of 3.27. With ten different countries represented, and with 15% of our incoming students coming from out-of-state, the word is getting out that EMU is a place of great learning opportunity. And with 200+ undergraduate majors and programs, an Honors College enrollment that has doubled in size since 2012, and a graduate school that is quickly gaining national recognition, EMU is academic excellence on display.

From here to Harvard Law.
Nino Monea is just one of those people you’re certain will go places. Handsome, friendly, impeccably dressed, and almost always donning his signature bow tie. Monea – a 4.0 student, member of the Honors College, an active member of myriad campus groups, and a doer of just about everything while at EMU – added another amazing accomplishment to a list that’s long for him: admission to Harvard Law School. How hard is it to get into Harvard? The average acceptance rate is around 15 percent. Earning his way to Harvard included taking more than 60 practice LSATs. Yes, 60. But his experiences at EMU helped to truly shape and prepare him for where he’ll soon be. “When I got here, I was a little anxious,” says Monea. “But the University has let me excel in so many ways.” For Monea, Eastern has proven an ideal place to help develop confidence and a sense of public mission. “As a student leader, you can have a phenomenal level of involvement here, and enact real change. I don’t think you could say that at a large research university. I’ve gotten to know all the big players on campus, and the faculty have been a really amazing help to me.”
Nino Monea B.S. ‘14
Welcome to the neighborhood. Ypsilanti, a culturally diverse community, offers rich tradition, neighborhood shopping, museums, and unique annual events. Just blocks away from campus, you’ll find historical Depot Town which features quaint shopping and classic eateries. Ann Arbor, a mere eight miles down the road, is a friendly town with big city traits and cultural offerings, and features a vibrant downtown with restaurants and galleries galore. Beyond that, southeastern Michigan boasts a bustling business community, including Detroit and the "burbs," professional sports, the DIA, an international airport, and countless regional attractions. Here, you’ll find a neighborhood that’ll take you in, but offerings beyond that’ll keep your boundaries wide as well.

Juiced by her surroundings.
There’s just something about Michigan and the entrepreneurial spirit that’s in the air here. Sure, some come here and go, but most then find their way back here... for good. Take Caitlin James: in 2011 she was fresh out of the Peace Corps, about to enter Columbia University to pursue a doctoral degree, and she came back. “I was working in New York City as a tutor for kids with special needs,” says James, who earned a Special Education and Cognitive Impairment degree from Eastern. “Through my teaching and tutoring experiences, I developed an interest in veganism, gluten-free diets, and raw juice.” The rest, as they say, is history. James enlisted her four sisters as business partners, and they started producing and selling organic cold-pressed juices at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and at the Eastern Market in Detroit. In 2012, Drought officially opened for business in neighboring Plymouth, with products available at Plum Market – a specialty retailer with three local stores – and a second storefront in midtown Detroit. Michigan provided a fertile territory for James to create her own – however unusual – journey to success. “There are many different paths to success,” says James. “You don’t have to be conventional or typical. Drought is proof of that.”
Caitlin James B.A. ‘07
A place to call home for a while. When you go to college, you want to really *go* to college. Right? Living on campus at EMU offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make new friends, gain responsibility and independence, and have some fun along the way. With accessible residence options all over campus, theme-based learning communities to enrich your educational experience, and simply living a few steps away from everything on campus, it’s all right here for you. To sustain you along the way, every day, our resident dining options will keep you powered up... from our main dining hall that features all-you-care-to-eat buffet-style offerings, to eateries and food courts in key areas on campus, to “convenience-first” cafés and markets, you’ll find the right taste... just about anyplace.

Best Hall, best friends, and a major.
Scott arrived on campus with the check box for his major marked like many others: decidedly undecided. He quickly bonded with one of his Best Hall suite-mates (Mike Grocholski, an upperclassman, graphic design major) and their friendship quickly turned to mentorship. “Mike was always working on something, and because art and design are so easy to share, I was easily hooked,” says Pryor. “So, I dove in... drawing, photography, design... it was really exciting to discover something that I would grow to absolutely love.” On his way to a graphic design degree, Scott also secured two internships, went on a five-week summer study abroad trip to the Netherlands, and was chosen to speak at a national student design conference. Upon graduation, he had two job interviews set up, and in the design field, your portfolio is what gets you hired. “I’ll never forget how nervous I was showing my work for the first time to potential employers,” says Pryor. “I never dreamed I’d get hired right on the spot.” That’s right: one interview, one job offer. Today, Scott is a 24-year-veteran in the design industry, and he runs his own brand design agency in Ann Arbor. “I still have my portfolio, and it’s a bit of a time capsule now. But it’s also a reminder of an era of great friendships, and great discovery for me... Thanks Mike.”
Scott Pryor B.F.A. ‘90
Find a group, and find your groove too. The college experience extends way beyond the classroom here because our campus life is... well... full of life. With more than 340 student organizations, there is something for everyone – from club sport teams to academic honor societies to community service to leisure and entertainment pursuits, and beyond. And if you’d like, Go Greek... EMU boasts a vibrant social Greek community with seven fraternities and eight sororities, as well as seven African-American fraternities and sororities. If you’re looking to simply indulge in campus events, you’ll find eclectic events (such as After Dark Friday night movies, Lyric Lounge Poetry Open Mic, Campus Bash) and special events (concerts with artists like Jay-Z, Jason Mraz, and Common as well as Cultural Heritage Month Celebrations) are plentiful.

This is my place.
Brooke Maggard ‘15 found her path, and her place. “Right from the start, I knew this was home,” says Maggard. “Meeting someone and starting to live with them all in the same day, sitting with someone new every night at dinner, and even sharing an umbrella with a complete stranger on the way to class... it just felt right.” And once she felt comfortable, the rest followed: meeting new people, getting involved in organizations, and becoming a Resident Advisor. “At one point, I was asked how I found my friends and how I found ‘my place’ at Eastern,” says Maggard. “I joined the Athletic Training Student Organization. It surrounded me with like-minded people. I have no doubt they’ll be lifelong friends... they’re my EMU family.”
Portfolio 1
Yes, I’m a morning person. I love campus, mornings, and coffee. So I combine them with coffee at University Park to enjoy campus before the hustle and bustle begins. It’s also a great time to go over my study notecards before class.
Portfolio 1
Because I start my days early, I like taking morning classes. It allows me to make the most of my day. But before my first class I stop at the Eateries to grab a bagel or yogurt and begin my walk across the hilly campus to Kinesiology.
Portfolio 1
I’ve become pretty tight with my classmates in Kinesiology. So after class, we usually go and grab sandwiches from Green Market Bistro in the Student Center, talk about life and class and such, before heading our separate ways for the day.
Portfolio 1
The Athletic Training program at EMU is extremely hands-on. After my morning lectures, I have daily clinical hours that allow me to work with athletes, sit in on doctors appointments, and apply what I learned in class, in real life situations in the field.
Portfolio 1
Long days require an early evening pick-me-up, and hitting Starbucks in the Student Center does just that. Being a ritual I partake in often, the barista always knows my order: a redeye with a little sugar... all powered up for the evening.
Portfolio 1
Being a Resident Advisor on a freshman floor, I’m given lots of opportunities to help other students... like putting on programs. Tonight, I’m having a book exchange. Hopefully it’ll help my residents find a new book, and maybe find some time for themselves too.
Portfolio 1
Following my R.A. duties, it’s back to the books for a bit. After stopping in my room for a quick hello to my roommate, and a bottle of water, I head to Halle Library to work on some homework. An evening study session allows me to feel confident and prepared for my next day of classes.
Portfolio 1
A long day, coming to a close... But knowing I have free time before bed, I couldn’t resist when a friend called and asked if I wanted to go get half-off appetizers from our favorite local restaurant. Maybe I’ll set my alarm for 7:30 tomorrow instead.
As Eagles, we unite... on and off the court. For those looking to excel, and to raise their bar as college athletes, EMU has a proud tradition of athletic Division I excellence in both men’s and women’s sports. With 15 MAC titles in the past five years, impressive new athletic facilities, and notable achievements like having 17 student-athletes as past Olympians, EMU athletes continue to soar. For the recreational athlete, EMU offers a variety of club sports, highly competitive and recreational leagues, tournaments, and co-recreational sports. For those looking to support and show their true green, there’s much to cheer about. From Eagle football at “The Factory” in the fall, to hoops at “The Convo,” to track & field at Bowen Field House, to spring baseball at Oestrike Stadium, Eagle nation is as strong as ever.

Focused on the right stuff.
For Wes Stoody, the idea for a business didn’t begin with a product, it began with a cause. “I took an economic development class during my junior year and we watched a documentary about vitamin A deficiency in third world nations,” says Stoody. “I was shocked to learn about the impact of this problem, which is the number-one cause of childhood blindness.” He decided to bring the issue into focus by creating Aframes, an eyewear company dedicated to supporting vitamin A supplementation programs internationally. In addition to taking classes and competing on Eastern’s cross country team, Stoody spent his senior year formulating his business plan, examining frame samples, and finding investors. After graduating, Stoody moved to Chicago, secured more investors, connected with an eyewear facility in Turkey, and in January 2012, Aframes was officially in business. Quickly establishing a presence in optical boutiques nationwide, Stoody moved the company headquarters back to Michigan. He is focused on re-launching the brand to extend beyond the boundaries of brick and mortar shops. With an eye on becoming one of the most respected eyewear brands in the industry, they’re still in growth mode. “We’re still a start-up, and it’s hard,” Stoody says. “But running cross country is also hard. That experience taught me the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.”
Wes Stoody B.A. ‘11


With 200+ majors and minors, EMU offers endless career path opportunities.